Empower Your Employees in a Hybrid Workplace

Transformational Workshops that Support Employee Performance and Well-Being

Are your employees struggling with:

1. Productivity in the workplace
2. Staying engaged in remote and virtual worlds
3. Feeling satisfied with their performance and work-life balance

If so, you're not alone! Trends are showing:

1. Employees either leaving companies or transitioning to different work models
2. Decreased company loyalty
3. Low engagement across teams and organization

Providing Best-Practices for Employee Engagement

We see solutions combining wellness and workplace productivity have the best outcomes. The hybrid workplace especially requires a new mindset. We customize your journey according to your needs in three ways.

Choose from half-day, two-day retreats or ongoing well-being plans in Psychology, Wellness and Skills-based training categories. All sessions are led by certified and vetted coaching and mentoring experts who show you proven methods according to your industry.

Secure your early-bird 20% discount by booking your program now.  You can also connect with us by email to find out more details and have your questions answered personally.

We look forward to meeting your needs in the new normal!
Half-Day Retreats (4 hours) - $3,500
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You can pick a combination of 4 sessions from the 3 general categories below.
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Two-Day Retreats - $6,000
You can pick a combination of 8 sessions from the 3 general categories below.
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Three-Month Well-being Plans with Weekly Sessions - $10,000
You can pick a combination of up to 15 sessions from the 3 categories below. We will work with you to customize the right plan for your company or organization.
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